Burnout Syndrome

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Many people come to me because of dissatisfaction in their professional lives and many of the cases are caused by Burnout Syndrome.

This week, veterinarian Arthur Inamassu wrote this story for us summarizing what this syndrome is and how it affects various professionals.

Burnout Syndrome and Coaching

Coaching is an excellent tool to help prevent this syndrome, because it helps to know your limiting beliefs and to deal with your emotions. It will lead you to discover your strengths and potentiate them, as well as to bring out the real causes of the disease, so that you do not put the well-being of others in front of you, practice and take on emotional boundaries, not take on the problem of others as if they were yours, to avoid extreme cases of abandonment of the profession.

Learn a little more about Burnout Syndrome,

Burnout Syndrome was first described by an American physician in the 1970s, more precisely in 1974, in which it is defined as Emotional exhaustion syndrome. Years earlier, in the 1950s, researchers had predicted that this Syndrome would emerge with the new professions that would emerge and the working conditions that would change in the years to come, until, as it was said, it was described in the 1970s.

It is the state of emotional stress and chronic stress brought about by exhausting physical, emotional, and psychological working conditions. It is recognized today as a disease (ICD 10).

It is the exhaustion of those who work with each other and of working conditions. It mainly affects health professionals, but teachers, police, firefighters and veterinarians have been more affected.

This syndrome has social, psychological and physical consequences, such as: discouragement, headaches, difficulty concentrating, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, skepticism, questions about life, profession and importance.

To prevent it from appearing, we need to do a pleasant routine, stop for lunch, do physical activities, have leisure hours (cinema, theater, etc), medical professionals should share the frustrating cases, because the routine is very lonely.

Burnout Syndrome can lead to loss of income, quality of life and personal and professional income, as well as extreme cases of abandonment of the profession.

By Dr. Arthur Inamassu (Veterinarian)

People, thanking the participation of this professional that deals with the lives of countless animals, with the feelings of their owners, and that guides their friends of profession in this subject. Gratitude!

Comments by Marcia Barros (Astrológa / Vocational / Financial Coaching)

Why this guest and this theme?

Because first of all I admire these professionals who have the vocation of giving themselves fully to this profession where animal life often depends on the decisions of its owners (humans), second because I love animals, since I was little I was raised with them learning to care, donate and exchange unconditional feelings, and third this theme I have noticed a lot in the calls.

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