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In this week’s blog, let’s talk about something I love, vocation …
But what is a vocation?
Meaning in Latin Vocare, that translating would be “to call”, to have a natural aptitude,
I believe that by recognizing your talent and ability, it is a source of pleasure.
I always say that it’s a connection to what you have to give to the world for the better.
Knowing why you are here, your purpose, your mission ..
In this phase of transition that many of us are living, knowing who you are, what you want, and
motive that will move you to your best makes all the difference.
This way you can choose with more assertiveness, you will find the
way that awaits you.
I always say that it is to occupy its place in the Sun. For we all have this place,
and is just waiting for our arrival.

My invitation is for you to be and to happen to you!
Need redirection? Needing to meet for real?
I’m here to help you in this very important phase of your life.

Strong hug,

Marcia Barros
Astrologer and
Master Coach Career / Vocational and Financial

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On 19 de September de 2017

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