Find out how the “Saturn Cycle” impacts your personal and professional life

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“Your success is written in the stars …” I really like this statement, after all as a Professional Astrologer and Coach specialized in Career and Finance, I see that it makes perfect sense. In my professional career, I help professionals (Coaches, doctors, freelancers, speakers, entrepreneurs, among others) to identify the strengths of their performance and their niche focus to bring them to a higher level of financial success. The process is based on the combination of methodologies of analysis of the astral chart with coaching techniques (financial and career). Since December 21, 2017, a new and important life cycle has begun for all of us, the new Saturn Cycle in its Capricorn sign after 29/30 years. But, what does that mean?

In your birth chart there is an area of your life, where the sign of Capricorn is and will certainly have great and marked impacts on your personal and / or professional life until 2020! As it is the “master of time”, security, structure, stability, and, from my point of view, he fulfills the role of “auditor” in the field in which he is present in his birth chart. Receiving you with the “homework” done is essential to benefit from this long-awaited arrival and enjoy the numerous rewards generated by it. Stop now and think about everything you have invested in terms of time and money in training, improvements, lectures, travel, marketing for the promotion of your brand, customer acquisition, among other practices that we are used to doing in this coaching world. If our “auditing friend” Saturno is “visiting” your professional area on your map, he will perform a detailed check of the list of tasks performed, and will reward you, among other rewards by bringing you recognition from the (public) people regarding your work. Whether through lectures or webinars, you will have a much higher visibility than previous years. At this stage, your work will be recognized, and for those who work in a company, you can even be promoted. On the one hand, “in its most difficult aspect, it represents the imprisonment of the individual to external circumstances” comments the author John Townley, in the book “Astrological Cycles and Periods of Crisis”. With that in mind, I propose to you, friends Coaches, a task – A survey of the last few months: How many Coachees started a process to deal with conflicts, especially related to their bosses?

How many of you are struggling to adapt to the new stricter rules imposed by the company you work for? Who has had your company closed in the past 2 years? Who is looking for a new professional opportunity? Have you heard reports of people becoming depressed and some of them reaching their limits having to be hospitalized, or even seeking psychological / psychiatric help? This is the negative side of this return and the impact of not being properly prepared for it.

On the other hand, this cycle has also been bringing benefits to those who have planned in all these years in a structured way: People have been recognized professionally, favorable changes in position, country, relationships that were still in the “test drive” phase , decided to take the next step and get married. I can share a personal experience here: The last quarter was the period in which I had more calls, well above the average of the last few years. I was approached mainly by clients who began to see their professional, loving and financial life falling apart.

On the other hand, many of my clients / Coachees who had already gone through the Astrocoaching® process, when realizing the positive results of this work, chose to renew the cycle and start new processes. I also see in the market a greater movement of people who wish to increase their income, either within their current job or by generating extra income. However, this search comes with a very special detail: With the presence of a purpose! Proof of this change is the increase in coaching training, emotional intelligence, online self-knowledge courses and “Do it yourself” workshops etc. After all, “Sense makes a great deal of things bearable – perhaps everything” (Jung). At this stage, what is poorly structured will come to the fore, be it a crisis in the marriage, or a job that no longer makes sense, limit relations, problems with authorities (leaders, politicians, government officials).

For times like this, I always suggest that, if you want to stay in your job, stick to the saying “send who can, and obey who has judgment”, but if you want a break, say what you think and challenge your boss, for example. Another tip, reinforce in the relations with your customers and Coachees the provision of services with responsibility, maturity and excellence, as these will have very positive results until 2020. Do your part and have the patience of a monk. I also suggest reading books on time management, productivity, such as “The triad of time” by Christian Barbosa, as this preparation will be necessary to help your organization to ensure a potential increase in income.

Remember, your success is written in the stars, just a little help to uncover it! If you want to know which sector of your life will have these major changes, I invite you to know my work, visit my website

Until next time… with more golden tips… for you!

Liberating hugs, Marcia Barros


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